• PAR56 LED Lamps

    • Best-in-class CBCP
    • 15º and 25º beam angle available
    • Warm-dimming option available

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Indirect AR111 Lamps with Mitsubishi Designed Optics

Designed by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, these lamps feature custom optics and an indirect light source, minimizing glare while providing a high end look and feel similar to traditional AR111 lamps. Constructed for maximum thermal efficiency without the need for bulky heat sinks, these AR111’s are fully dimmable.


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LED Troffer Kits

Easy to install in less than 5 minutes, Verbatim LED Troffer kits utilize existing troffer housings, eliminating the need to enter ceiling spaces and reducing disposal costs. Highly efficient up to 128 lm/W, these DLC Premium kits have low wattage consumption, offering impressive energy savings when compared to traditional fluorescent troffers.

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LED High Bay Fixtures

Verbatim’s LED Linear High Bay Luminaires provide great value and maximize return on investment, compared to traditional metal halide and fluorescent high bay or low bay fixtures. With up to 132 lm/W efficacy, Verbatim LED Linear High Bay Luminaires increase energy savings and are certified DLC 4.0 Premium.

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8 ft. LED Channel Luminaires

Verbatim’s 8 ft. LED linear channel luminaires provide crisp, uniform light, ideal for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Highly-efficient up to 128 lm/W, these fixtures are cost-effective replacements for 8ft. fluorescent tube fixtures in high traffic, constant light areas – saving up to 50% in energy costs.

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