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  • High Output (HO) PAR56 LED Lamp

    • 55W, 5200lm LED replacement for 500W halogen PAR56 lamp
    • Best-in-class CBCP
    • Adapter ring* converts lamp to fit into a PAR64 housing

    *Sold separately

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Napoleon Lighting Series LED Downlights

Lots of power from a little downlight! Just like their namesake, the Napoleon LED downlights pack a lot of punch in a small form factor. Featuring 1200+ lumens output with a 2 inch light aperture, these downlights take up the same space as MR16 LED lamps but offer over 2X the output.


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CCT Selectable LED Flat Panel

Featuring a backlit design, these panels include LEDs with PMMA micro-optic lensing to create comfortable and uniform light. Easily switch between 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures during installation to create the perfect look and feel for your application.

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LED High Bay Fixtures

Verbatim’s LED Linear High Bay Luminaires provide great value and maximize return on investment, compared to traditional metal halide and fluorescent high bay or low bay fixtures. With up to 132 lm/W efficacy, Verbatim LED Linear High Bay Luminaires increase energy savings and are certified DLC 4.0 Premium.

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4 ft. 4000K, 2520lm RetroStick LED T5 - 30pk

Save time and money with Verbatim RetroStick LED T5 linear fixtures. Magnetic clips affix the RetroStick T5 to existing metal housings, eliminating the need for fastening screws and making retrofit installation quick and cost effective.

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TranquiLED Low Glare LED Downlight

Make comfort a priority with Verbatim TranquiLED Series low glare downlights. This elegant downlight features a unique, Mitsubishi designed reflector to produce low-glare lighting, ideal for offices, conference rooms, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants and more. The
design of the reflector minimizes the reflections of light rays, creating a calm and discreet appearance on the ceiling surface. By minimizing optical loss, TranquiLED Series downlights produce beautiful, homogeneous light distribution while maintaining high efficacy and high lumen output in a small form factor. A true all-in-one specification grade product, these downlights can be configured with either phase cut or 0-10V dimming.

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Verbatim Lighting - TranquiLED

Verbatim TranquiLED Low Glare Downlights are the perfect solution for commercial spaces! In this video, Verbatim Western Regional Sales Manager Nick Reitz reviews the features, benefits and extraordinary value of these Verbatim downlights.

Verbatim Lighting - High Lumen T5 Retrosticks

High output, quick installation, multiple applications and more! Verbatim’s new High Output (HO) RetroStick LED linear fixtures save you time, money and energy, ideal for retrofitting or new construction.

Verbatim Lighting - High Output (HO) PAR56

Reduce energy and maintenance costs without sacrificing performance with Verbatim PAR56 LED lamps. These revolutionary lamps were uniquely designed to have best in-class Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP), ideal for retrofitting directional lighting in high ceiling applications, including houses of worship, theatres, auditoriums, casinos and more.

Verbatim Lighting - WATCH: Verbatim TranquiLED Downlights

Verbatim TranquiLED series downlights provide high-quality, low glare lighting for many different commercial and residential spaces. Check out this video to see how TranquiLED lighting options can enhance your space.